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Mom strangled

By Cecily Asson and Laurel Williams Wednesday, March 5 2014

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Son shot dead:Lydia Peters, at her home in Penal yesterday, speaks of the shooting death of her son Marlon Friday (INSET) who only returned home to Tr...
Son shot dead:Lydia Peters, at her home in Penal yesterday, speaks of the shooting death of her son Marlon Friday (INSET) who only returned home to Tr...

EVEN as thousands celebrated the revelry of Carnival, three men and a woman were murdered in separate incidents, taking the number of homicides recorded so far for the year to 89.

The latest killing was that of a 62-year-old man who was stabbed to death on Carnival Tuesday at his home. Police said at about 2.30 pm, Knolly Hudlin was at his Penal Rock Road, Penal, home when a close male relative, against whom a restraining order had been taken out, visited the house and stabbed Hudlin to death.

Up to last night, police were combing several areas in search of the 39-year-old suspect. Insp Granger along with officers of Penal CID and Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) visited the scene. Hudlin’s body was later ordered removed by the DMO.

Earlier in the day yesterday, mother of four Marilyn “Maro” Murggan, was strangled at her home even as other relatives were in other rooms of the house. Her killer, a male relative, has since been warded at hospital after drinking a poisonous substance.

The day before, Carnival Monday, Kwasi Lewis, 27, and Sean Marlon Friday, 40, were also murdered. Lewis was stabbed to death, while Friday was shot.

Murggan, 50, lived at Wyaby Road off Waterloo Road, Carapichaima. Her sister Susan Sincere told Newsday that at about 6.15 am yesterday she received a telephone call alerting her that something had happened at her sister’s home. She immediately went there and found Murggan on the floor of the bathroom. Murggan was motionless and had “marks of violence” about her neck.

Sincere said although family members were in the house, no one heard any commotion and it was only when relatives of the suspect informed them to check on Murggan that they found her body.

“The suspect telephoned his relatives from Korea Village (Carapichaima) about what he had done. When they came, it was only then we went to check on her. He was not in the house and could not be found. Maybe they had a little quarrel during the course of the night but we do not know for sure,” Sincere said.

Police and ambulance personnel were contacted and subsequently took Murggan, a CEPEP worker, to the Couva District Health Facility where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Shortly after, officers at the Gasparillo Police Station found the suspect at the roadside frothing from his mouth. He was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he remains warded under police guard.

Sincere said three of Murggan’s adult children live in Trinidad while the fourth lives abroad. She had one grandchild. “I do not know much about the man (suspect) but he appeared to be a nice person. I believe that my sister and nephews would have had plans for the Carnival in the Central area. She was a loving and friendly person. I do not have much information pertaining to the death,” Sincere said.

In addition to Murggan’s death, police are also probing the killings of Lewis and Friday.

A 25-year-old Penal man has been detained in connection with Friday’s murder who police said was shot and killed at about 5.30 pm on Monday, outside a house at Ramjohn Trace, Penal. Friday’s estranged wife Anusha, 38, has been staying at the house with their eight-year-old son Mark since they separated a year ago.

Friday only returned home on Carnival Saturday from duty in India where he has been working as a driller with an oil company for the past year. Grieving relatives told Newsday yesterday Friday was in the middle of a divorce and was due to go to court later this month. He had missed his court date last month as he was out of the country.

Reports indicate Friday and the suspect got into an altercation when Friday arrived at the house. A struggle ensued and Friday was shot once in the head and twice about the body. An unlicenced firearm has been seized by investigators.

Friday’s brother, offshore worker Nigel Peters, 28, told Newsday Friday was excited about returning home for Carnival to see his son after nearly two months.

“He works in India, one month off and one month on and last month when he was here, because of problems he did not get to see him. There have been all kind of problems since the separation,” Peters said.

Breaking down in tears, Peters showed off a photograph of Friday who sent it to him as soon as he arrived in Trinidad last Saturday.

“He was sounding so happy, he told me he did a drilling course and passed the exam. We had planned to spend the day together when I came off work (offshore).

Friday’s mother Lydia Peters said her son had complained he was not getting to see his son.

“I don’t know how he end up there in that yard to meet his death,” she said. Friday had told her he was going to Fraser Street, Penal.

PC Sookoo of the Penal Police Station is continuing investigations.

In the third case, a 35-year-old construction worker of New City, John Jules Trace, Fyzabad is wanted for the stabbing death of Lewis.

Police reported at about 4.30 pm, on Monday, Lewis of New City Avenue, John Jules Trace, Fyzabad was asleep in a white Mazda 323 rental car, parked outside the home of his girlfriend Alana Glasgow, 23.

Police believe Lewis was resting after taking his girlfriend and other friends to their homes after J’ouvert celebrations in San Fernando. It was while he was asleep that Jules was stabbed about his face and neck. He succumbed to his injuries while being taken to the Siparia District Health Facility where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Investigators say Lewis may have been attacked by someone he got into some “small talk” with while liming.

Lewis and Glasgow have two children, Kwasi Lewis Jr, six, and two-year-old Keyanna. He also has another two-year-old daughter, Kaydel, from a previous relationship. Relatives said Lewis was employed on the construction site of the Golconda to Point Fortin Highway.

Lewis’ sister Delana Hunte, 29, said eyewitnesses thought the suspect was trying to wake him up when they saw them in the car.

“People thought (name called) was trying to wake him up when they saw him over him in the car where he was sleeping,” Hunte told Newsday.

“Is only when he stumble out the car bleeding from his face and neck and collapsed on the ground people realised is stab the man was stabbing him. By the time they call out to him and ask him what he do he just start to run,” she said.

Hunte said her brother was known to be “chatty”, and “always giving somebody talks”. Lewis may have made a joke about the suspect’s girlfriend which angered him.

Autopsies on the three men and woman are due to take place today at the Forensic Science Centre, St James. Over the past four days, at the height of Carnival celebrations between last Friday and yesterday, nine persons, including Hudlin, Murggan, Lewis and Friday, were murdered.

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